9/11...Ten years...

Today, it’s been ten years since the world was shocked by the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.


Nearly 3000 people were killed…sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, colleagues, friends,…

The only thing they did wrong was showing up for work that day…


In NYC, numerous firefighters, EMS personnel, police officers and other rescue workers responded to the Trade Center.

403 emergency personnel died with the collaps of both towers, among them 343 FDNY Firefighters.


911 - 343.jpg

Today, the members of the Belgian Fire Observers remember the tragic loss of that day, and in particular the loss of their brother firefighters.


Thank you for those who responded that day and gave their lives to save others!

Thank you for those who serve today and protect our nations to keep us safe from harm!




We may never forget, we will never forget!






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