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Chief Jerauld, members of the PBCFR

When I contacted Chief Jerauld about a year ago, I got a quick reply from him, that he would look into our request. I called the Chief’s office, and I gave him a little more information about our organization, the fireobservers. Within two weeks, we got the final approval from him, and we started working on getting this group together to come overhere. There was little or no hesitation about going to Florida and the statistics on the website for the fire department, were very promesing When we arrived last Friday, we were brought to the different fire stations and were assigned there to ride along with them, and we immediately noticed the diversity of what we saw here in the city. Just like probably every tourist that goes through the county on I-95 or the turnpike. The difference was that we were no ordinary visitors. We got to stay in the fire stations, and we could start our exchange of ideas and information. And men, your firefighters could ask questions. Where was Belgium, how great was our fire station, why did we come here, what kind of equipment did we have? Well, they didn’t stop asking questions, and we talked for the last five days exchanging information that they could look up on the internet.. They gave us the chance to look behind the scene of a well-organized, well-equipped and very motivated fire department. The guys in the fire stations are proud to show everything they do overhere.  They are proud to serve the neighborhood in which their station is, and they showed us that brotherhood in the fire service is not some faint idea but a reality when we come togheter.. So we,  as new found friends were accepted in the station, not as a bunch of strange talking foreigners from abroad, but we were there to help.And guys that come over to help need to be fed very well. The southern hospitality will be in our stomachs for the next couple of days, but will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Chief Jerauld, Chief Peters, members of the Palm Beach Fire Department, thank you very much for having us over here and for the friends that we got in the last week,  I hope to meet you one day on European continent.


On behalf of the Belgian Fireobservers organization, thank you

I used almost the same words to thank the Shreveport FD earlier this year.

and thanks for the great present i got



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Wow, mooie helm !!!!

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